Thank you for your interest in the TM Hotels. We have taken it upon ourselves to lead by example and set new industry standards serving our loyal guests and hard-working employees with a vision for establishing a safer, more advanced, hospitality sector. TM Hotels is distinguished not just by ownership, but unique hospitality management team with the right potential to offer consultancy to hotels all over the world. Deluxe services tailored on the needs of our gusts have gained us an unmatched reputation and the competitive edge to differentiate our hotels and position the company as the leader of the industry.I feel very privileged to manage a team of young and energetic professionals, who are both hard-working and progressive. Our Passion is to enable greatness in people by empowering them and providing an opportunity to grow. Each and every member of our organization shares the same fundamental values that help inspire and motivate others and fuel efficiency on every level. We are motivated to thrive on challenges and driven to succeed through balancing commitments and opportunities including staff trainings, exchanges, and other types of positive reinforcement. Despite having a stellar track record in management, I truly believe that the best of our team’s potential has yet to flourish. It is our mission to make your stay with us unforgettable!

Yours truly,Abdul Muqeet

Enjoy Your Stay


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    Wajahat Ali     

    "Your hospitality made our stay in Residor, even with the rain. Love to be with you again. Thankyou! "

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    Aftab Ahmed     

    "A very good event with an impressive display of Shagun. Many thanks to the organisers to for creating and hosting such a well organised informative show. "

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